Growing Entrepreneurial Capabilities in the Enterprise

FutureTight is an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco, California. Companies that work with FutureTight are mid-sized to large organizations foreseeing disruption and seeking new growth areas. The senior leaders within those companies typically recognize that innovation and entrepreneurship must become a core competency for their organization moving forward.

We lay the foundation for bottom up innovation by helping leadership focus on the ideas with highest potential. And then grow competency within the org for exploring the viability of those new businesses. That is how we can repeatedly identify which ventures to kill and which to develop and scale.

We do this through a comprehensive program to stand up innovation within enterprise. The program is high-touch and individually tailored for each organization.

FutureTight is founded by Andi Plantenberg, an industry veteran and entrepreneur. In 2000, Andi co-founded Singlebound Creative. The Digital Product Studio / Design Agency had an eleven year run and served Fortune 500 clients. Since 2010, she's been helping teams to reach their business and product outcomes faster, and coaching large organizations to behave more like startups.

Andi is also a faculty member at Lean Startup Co, and mentors at 500 startups and Singularity University.

Customer Testimonails

We are in the midst of unprecedented change. Existing organizational paradigms are meant to execute plans at scale in a predictable world. Not to learn and adapt in an unpredictable one. Yet that is what we must do.

Andi Plantenberg Founder / FutureTight